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We introduced the Photo Booth in 2011, and since then it has been a fantastic success and incredibly popular at Balls, Parties and Weddings. If you are unfamiliar with the concept of the Photo Booth, it's basically a modern day digital version of those passport photobooths you may have found at train stations in the past, but instead of taking ID photos, it takes fun group photos that create lasting memories from an event. All that's needed is a few people to step behind the curtain, push a button and the laughter begins!. A series of four photos is taken with a visible countdown between each one, and once taken, the four photos are combined to make one print that's automatically printed and ready for collection on the outside of the booth within seconds.

Examples of Photobooth printputs

We have aimed to improve on the standard Photobooth concept, so our Booth can accommodate up to 10-12 people, so queues go down very quickly, and people can get photos with their full circle of friends, or family, and go in the booth many more times than a smaller booth. We also use pro-cameras and pro-lighting to produce fantastic quality photographs, all of which can be viewed and ordered online from this website. Further copies of the composite printouts can be ordered, and enlargements of specific photos can also be printed at the same high quality of those taken in a studio.

All designs for the printouts from the Photobooth are fully bespoke to an event, and can be tailored to a theme, so the printouts from every event are totally unique. The photos can be taken in either landscape or portrait, the photos can be colour. black and white, or sepia, and the booth can produce either 1 single 6"x4" photo, or 2 separate 6"x2" photos (similar to the old passport printouts).

To see more examples of the layouts for the printouts from the Photobooth, please go to the Photo Booth Portfolio section.


To Summarise :

  • Unlimited lab quality prints - either 1 6"x4" photo or two 6"x2" photos will be printed every time a group visit the booth (extra copies may be printed if required)

  • Guests may visit the booth as often as they wish, and the ability to take larger groups in the booth means that the queues go down very quickly

  • Bespoke photo layouts - the "look" of the printouts is entirely unique for every event, reflecting the theme or providing promotion for an event . Different layouts can be selected within the booth if you wish.

  • Fun themed props available

  • Themed backgrounds - we provide a wide choice of backdrops, or allow the design of backdrops specfically for an event

  • Continuous "Live view" in the booth - guests can see exactly what they will look like on the photo, and the count down timer allows them to position themselves, and strike that pose, before the next photo is taken.

  • Online gallery after the event - all the photos taken by the booth will go online on this website by the following lunchtime, so copies of the individual photobooth pictures may be purchased as enlargements / onto mugs / T-shirts,

  • Pro lighting and pro cameras produce high quality pictures

  • An attendant runs the booth all evening, ensuring the queuing system runs fairly.

  • The photos can be printed in colour / Black and White / Sepia


How to book the Photobooth

For more information on pricing and availability, please don't hesitate to get in touch by phone or email - please provide as much information about the event as possible, such as the location, and the number of people attending the event.

Once you decide that you would like to book the Photobooth, we will require a deposit to confirm the booking.



Backdrops available for the Photobooth

We have a wide range backdrops to choose from for both the Photobooth and the larger Studiobooth (see below - the first backdrops displayed are suitable for the Photobooth, and the last ones are suitable for the Studiobooth). These backdrops include formal and themed designs, or we can provide you with the dimensions to produce your own unique backdrop.





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